• installation d'un chemin de câble au dessus des baies

  • installation des camera de surveillance avec des connexions sans fil

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Who is

Vartec is a firm that is specialized in the IT pre-wiring specialist, electricity, security, removable partitions, suspended ceilings and raised floor.

Operating in a market that shows high potential of growth. Since its start, Vartec has known a considerable evolution thanks to the dynamic and independent Vartec working team, and also thanks to its large network of partners.

VARTEC offers to its customers a large products line, which fulfills standardized specifications and guarantees the installation and the maintenance, thanks to the Vartec highly qualified team that is always available and ready to act in order to keep our clients satisfied.

+ Our Mission
  • Mission : To be a reference in our industry by making long term partnerships and contributing in the evolution of our clients, making their work and life easier and more confortable.
+ Our values
  • Engagement : Our first value makes it a must to be engaged to guarantee our clients the best service they can get.
  • Performance : We excel in our industry, and give our clients the solutions to their every single need with the most performant way possible.
Our services
  • - The installation of aluminium removable partitions for offices, platforms, open spaces, fronts, ... etc
  • - The installation of suspended ceilings in BA13 or slab for offices, commercial or technical locals, open spaced platforms… Etc
  • - The installation of slab raised floors for technical rooms, open spaces and much more.

Vartec is the partner of many help and consulting networks in the business industry.

Basing on the nature of your business project, those networks will give you free advice, specific guiding and help for making and perfecting your business plan, and even help you make the perfect financial arrangement.

Many of our partners also offer complementary financing for bank loans (Even loans on trust) With/Or guarantees that will able you to limit your personal engagement.

We deserve your trust too !